Volunteer Work

Cook Children's Hospital 

Saturdays and Read With Me


​Twice a month, every first and third Saturday, our registered teams visit Cook Children's Hospital to provide for the emotional relief and well-being for the children and families in the hospital's care. Visits include the Atrium, Behavioral Health Unit and Rehabilitation Center.


​During the week, our teams visit Cook Children's Hospital to share reading experiences with children. The Read With Me a reading education program that utilizes therapy dogs  to comfort and motivate children while reading. Read With Me companions are registered therapy animals who volunteer with their owner/handlers as a team utilizing therapy animals to help children improve their reading and communication skills. 

School Systems 

Fort Worth ISD


​Registered teams provide a calming and motivational environment for the students and staff at various campuses in Fort Worth ISD.  Project READ, behavioral support, and positive interactions are modeled throughout these programs.

University of North Texas Health Science Center

During De-Stress Days registered teams provide a calming environment for the students and staff.

TCC - River Campus

During De-Stress Days registered teams provide a calming environment for the students and staff.

Other Opportunities

Studies show that interactions with therapy animals can decrease stress in humans (Blunts Home Blood Pressure Responses to Mental Stress, Pet Ownership - CAST, others). Being a student is high paced work and finals week brings on hightened levels of stress. Delta Hearts of Gold works in partnership with TCU to help students find that "happy place."


If our teams only provided time to reflect, an invitation to experience relaxation, or a space to breathe deeply we know that time would be well spent. One student shared, "Bing them back, I need therapy only puppies can provide." Frogs and Dogs - its good stuff!



Other Facilities


Our visits include Arlington ISD's  Percy Elementary, Heritage Oaks in Arlington and Fort Worth's Daggett Montessori care for children with Autism, Dallas Baylor Hospital's Rehabilitation Unit, Dallas Baylor Children's Hospital, Streams & Valley, FW Food Bank-Fundraisers, Union Gospel Mission, Trinity Terrace, The Stayton, The Paluxy River Children’s Advocacy Center, READ program at Carswell AFB Library and many other special events.


Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities include: College Park, Peach Tree, Sterling House, Martin Crest, Heritage Oaks Nursing and Rehab., James West, Dancing River Memorial-Colleyville, Living Center-Taos, NM.