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Therapy dogs, often confused with service dogs and emotional support dogs, are best known for bringing affection, comfort and happiness to people in confined living situations, whether they are in a hospital for a short stay or living in a retirement home.


​Therapy dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and their most important characteristic is not their appearance or breed, but their temperament. They are friendly, patient, confident, gentle, and at ease with strangers. They provide unconditional acceptance and never fail to put smiles on the faces of children and adults alike.

Pet Partners Feature Video

Pet Partners 2014


Several teams visit various facilities in this 10 minute video.

Cook Children's Medical Center

DHoG, 2014 - NBC NEWS 5


Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth welcomed two new employees — therapy dogs that are making kids smile.Ralph Lauren, a Golden Retriever. The dog earned his name during training.“His role here at Cook Children’s is to be a therapy animal," said Child Life Specialist Kizzy Marco. "To bring comfort. To bring joy. To bring smiles. To bring something soft and cuddly to our patients who really need it. "Ralph Lauren is new to the medical center, but the dog is making quite an impression."


Nick Scott is battling leukemia. He said having Ralph Lauren at the hospital is helping him.“He makes you feel. He doesn’t make you think about everything, like, what you have been through, stuff like that,” said Scott.


He has been training for almost his entire two years to help kids, and his sister Chanel is hard on the job at the hospital, too. Ralph Lauren is with his Marco 24 hours a day. But when Ralph Lauren knows when it is time to work. “When he has his vest on he knows we are going to work, and he takes his work seriously,” said Marco. “Within two days we have seen this hospital community light up with these two dogs.” [edited]


American Kennel Club Distinguished Therapy Dog Award

January 03, 2015


We are so proud of our precious Katie for receiving the amazing American Kennel Club Distinguished Therapy Dog award.  


She has served our community by making over 400 visits and over seven hundred hours to the following facilities:  Cook Children’s Medical Center; Union Gospel Mission for the homeless, R.E.A.D. programs at Luella Merrett; Mary Louise Phillips and Daggett Montessori schools working with children who have autism; Boulevard Heights school for children from the ages of 5-22 who have special needs; Taos Living Center, Taos Retirement Village & Heritage Oaks Nursing Home-Arlington.  Not included are special events visits.


Thank you all who made this award possible.